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We are professional content creators who help elevate client’s websites with professional video and photo web content in Oregon and Washington. The visual elements we provide are crucial in capturing and retaining customer attention. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, high-quality imagery and compelling video narratives set a brand apart. For local businesses in the Pacific Northwest, this isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about storytelling and connection. Engaging content not only enhances user experience but also supports SEO efforts, driving more organic traffic to the website. In a region celebrated for its beauty and innovation, our services ensure that a customer’s digital presence is as dynamic and captivating as the environment around them.

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Professional Headshots

Transform your business image effortlessly with Action Jackson Promos. Create impressive headshots, updating your look for a lasting impression on new customers.

Customer Testimonials

Boost credibility and engagement on your website! Video testimonials convey trust and satisfaction, turning visitors into customers. Upgrade your business with authenticity.

Employee Recruitment

Capture top talent! Showcase your company culture with recruitment videos. Engage candidates, convey your uniqueness, and elevate your hiring game.

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We are based in Clark County, Washington and serve the greater Portland, Oregon area.

We use state of the art cinema cameras, professional audio equipment and studio grade lighting.  Our editors are using Adobe products to ensure the highest quality and fastest turn times.

Payment is made before work begins and is used to secure your filming date.

Real Estate listing videos are 48 hour turn. Larger projects can be 2-4 weeks depending on size and time needed to complete.

Yes!  Check out some of our recent work and visit our Instagram at @actionjacksonpromos

Bulk filming is the best way! Our SnackPack offers 30 unique videos designed for social media stardom!

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